#FBF and a Love Letter to 2017 Grads

It’s the end of June, the unofficial end of spring graduation season, and I’m not gonna lie. It made me super nostalgic, and I started to think about my own graduations and the amazing feeling I had walking across the stage each time. I graduated from Florida A&M University with my undergrad and master’s degree […]

Bringing the Gifts That My Ancestors Gave

Black History Month was always my favorite month growing up. I’d pull my mom’s afro wig on top of my cornrows, with beads sloppily tucked into the sides of it, as I walked around my elementary school telling everyone that I was Angela Davis. “Power to the people,” I’d say with my little fist raised. […]

‘Nobody’s Built Like You, You Designed Yourself’

Nobody’s built like me. And for much of this year, I forgot that. I spent too much of this year comparing and getting upset when doors didn’t open. I got irritated when I thought that I was doing everything right, but that I wasn’t getting the opportunities that other people were getting. I got jealous, […]

Motivation Monday: Three Ways to Be More Bullish

The following is a bit of a throwback from a site I created last year, but decided not to keep pursuing. The content, though, still applies.  You’ve probably heard someone describe the stock market as a bull or bear market, right? Well, those terms can actually be applied to any commodity, and what’s a bigger […]